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Ages 5-7

Students learn proper technique of basic strokes, underhand serves and court lines. Classes are focused on having fun and playing games that reinforce the strokes they have learned. 

Ages 13+ - Beginners

This is a fast paced class since the goal is to give the students their best chance at making their high school tennis team. Students will learn top spin, poaching, movement and other essential high school tennis skills. 

Class Sizes

Classes have an average of 6-8 students. 

Ages 8-12

Students learn how to incorporate top spin, footwork, and communication in their tennis game. Class focuses on repetition based drills and rally games.

Ages 13+  - Intermediate - Advanced

Students should be proficient in the basic strokes and have some knowledge in match strategy, etc. Class focuses on in depth "live ball" situations. This class is perfect for players that are currently on a high school tennis team.

Class Schedules

For class scheduling, please contact me directly. 

Class Break Down

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